Vampire Next Door


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The cover drew me to this book and I like a good vampire book so that was two things going for it. I found out that the author is a PA girl so that was a trifecta.

This story is a different from most of the vampire books that I have read recently in that it really is not all about the vampire or vampirism but more of a love taken away, a sacrifice for the one you love, and then the journey of reclaiming a lost love.

The characters were well written and even though we are not given much of their background and history I still felt like I was able to understand them. This is difficult for a lot of writers to do so kudos there.

The story line flowed at a good pace and the scenes were written in a way that I was able to form a picture in my head without endless surrounding descriptions, also not always easy to do.

I read this book in two days and with work, life and the pursuit of writing my own book should tell you that it really kept my attention.

The plot is good enough that I had an idea of where it was going but there were still some nice twists in there and not too much drama especially with Elizabeth which as a guy reading what would be classified as a romance book was very much appreciated.

If you enjoy romance novels or even if you’re just in to vampire books then I would recommend this book. The romance is not all syrupy and in your face so don’t be afraid guys if you are worried about your manhood if your caught reading it :-)

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