Upon My Soul


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The first book in the trilogy.

The title caught my eye. It's an interesting prospect that the title implies, that this hitman had no soul. I guess you could argue that anyone capable of killing another human for money has to be soulless.

This book introduces us to Sangster. A hitman that woke up one day to find he suddenly had a soul. That realization caused him to lay down his guns and walk away.

The issue is that his former boss was not happy that he lost his best hitman and has gone to great lengths to locate him.

By the end of the first chapter, you get a feel that Sangster is not a man to be messed with. By the end of the first chapter, you know that trouble's coming. It's a crossroads for Sangster. He's left the life, hasn't touched a gun in over three years, refuses to kill again and risk his new soul. It's an impossible choice.

The book is slow and while there is action it takes a while to get to it but that's also to be expected in the first book of a series in this genre. At least well-written books. It takes time to lay a good foundation of the characters and motivations. We learn a great deal about Sangster's current situation but little about his past which I'm sure will be reveled in the later books.

The struggle is what happens to your soul if you're forced to kill. This is a book you need to read to find out if Sangster is able to get an answer to that question and what is his former boss willing to do to get him back under his thumb.

A book that fans of action/thrillers need to pick up. Great potential from a prolific author for another awesome series.

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