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Get this book now! Shadow Masters

I discovered this book in my BookBub email. The cover made me stop and read the burb and then click to Amazon to get more details.

You can tell a good book when you hesitate to put it down for things like work and sleep. This is one such book.

It's a YA book with a female heroine written by a man. Sounds like a recipe for disaster but in this case it turned out to be the exact opposite. Thankfully the dialog isn't written with mind numbing teenage verbiage but it is still authentic enough to not be out of character.

What really made this different from a lot of the stories I have read was the power that the characters posses. It was unique in the super natural power world that I have read which really was the key that kept me turning page after page.

The only negative and it really is hardly much of one, is that it's the first in at least a sequel series where one book feeds into the next without a clear ending for each book. I tend to like series where each book is a self-contained part of the overall story of the characters.

If this is a genre you enjoy then you would be doing yourself a favor by picking this up.

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