The World Walker


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The World Walker

Author - Ian W. Sainsbury
Published - March 21, 2016
Length - 419 pages

I found this book a few days before Christmas. I looked at the reviews and liked what I saw. As an avid reader, I'm always looking for new authors to read especially, indie authors.

The magic genre is one I always enjoy reading so when I find a new book I look at the premise. It's not surprising that many of these books like other genres, tend to be similar. When I find something different I have to buy it.

I have also already bought and read the next book in the series.

The series revolves primarily around Sebastian (Seb) Varden, a young musician whose life is about to change but not in the ways he'd planned.

As the book description shows, the change will be as unexpected as it is brutal.

I found Seb to be a great character. His ability to take the massive changes in his life in stride and keep his humanity in the face of temptations that we could never truly appreciate made him a strong and guiding force to other characters throughout the story.

Mee, another pivotal character and arguably the most important, provides both comic relief and the catalyst for a large portion of Seb's actions throughout the story.

The required villain of the story is Mason and as villains go, he shows to be one of the worse. It's difficult to imagine any reader of this book that at times is not gripping their Kindle or book with fury as we read the evil that Mason directs without the slightest moral qualm.

I finished this book in three days and the next one in the series in two. It's not often that I get hooked on a book that I have a hard time putting down and even more rare to do the same with the next book in the series. If that's not endorsement enough for you to give this a try then you'll be missing out.

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