The Unmaking Engine (The World Walker Series Book 2

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The World Walker

Author - Ian W. Sainsbury
Published - September 30, 2016
Length - 430 pages

The second book in the World Walker series.

I purchased this book four days after I purchased the first book in the series and read them both in six days.

Seb and Mee are in hiding after the events of The World Walker. Both are trying to process the changes in their lives and what the future will be. Mason is still a threat to them and Seb is determined not to allow him to get his evil claws into them again.

Walt's back in this book and we'll finally find out where his true loyalties lie. A reckoning is coming.

Mason for his part isn't convinced that his greatest threat is truly gone but all his power and resources have yet to turn up any leads. Failure is not a word he is familiar with and he knows he'll get the answers one way or another.

We not only get the full story of Mason's history but there is a mind-numbing revelation a little over halfway through the story. It's a secret that will have consequences. Seb will have no choice but to deal with Mason and finally put the threat behind him. He has bigger threats to manage. The extinction of the human race is near and they need a hero that they don't even know exists.

Seb needs to grow or maybe evolving is a better word. The process is going to happen no matter how he feels but will it be too little too late? You'll have to read the book to find out.

I know that there is a third book in the series and while I'm not sure if there'll be more since it seems like the story has essentially reached its limits of plot lines I recommend reading this series.

I'm interested to see what other tales will come from the author. He's set the bar very high with this series.

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