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Author - J.T. Brannan
Published - July 31, 2017
Length - 248 pages

The discovery of a brutal murder sends Colt Ryder on a mission of vengeance that will take him into the hidden world of the Dark Web. The Devil's playground, the Dark Web is home to humanities truly depraved, filled with every type criminal and terrorist you can imagine.

A horrifying look at just one corner of the Dark Web, this story will introduce some and remind others of the true evil that lurks hidden in the underbelly of the web.

This series has fast become one of my favorites. Colt Ryder is the Thousand Dollar Man. Believed to be an urban legend, he travels the country watching for ads looking for help or justice. As a veteran whose life was changed in the wars he's fought then let down by the same government that sent him there, he knows that help can be impossible to find and justice even harder.

Colt is a hard man. He travels with his partner Kane who seems to be much smarter that your average K9. Charging a thousand dollars for any job no matter what it takes, his moral compass never falters in his pursuit of the evil that crawls the country and he's more than willing to shed blood. People in great need are not the only ones looking for Colt. The authorities at every level, as well as the many enemies he makes, would love to get their hands on him.

As soon as I discover a new release in this series I grab a copy and put aside whatever it is I'm reading at the time. It's one of those rare series, much like the Jack Reacher series, that seems to always leave me wanting more. More pages. More books.

This book was much harder to read because it deals with subjects that everyone knows are real and happening even as you read these words but are powerless to stop. The images created are as disturbing as they are compelling and as the story progresses your need for Colt to deliver justice grows with your anger.

I've reviewed others in this series and not to sound like a broken record, it's a series you must read.

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