The Soul's Mark FOUND


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What a great twist on the Vampire/Witch story.

This was a great read and I would highly recommend to any reader that has interest in this type of book.

All souls have a match and life is not really about living but the endless search for the other half of ones soul. Each soul is reincarnated to continue the search until they find and merge with their other half.

Unlike the classic Vampire stories we learn that Vampires had souls at one time until one of them happen to kill the lover of a witch who then in a rage banished the souls from Vampires and cursed them to be alone, always searching for their souls. Creating soulless monsters to roam the earth.

This turn of events skewed the balance of good and evil and as nature is want to do the balance was restored when all the banished souls were gathered up and attached to their other human half leaving a mark that connects them to their Vampire other half making it a homing beacon of sorts.

A very interesting premise for the story and the author really does a great job with the writing. We don't really get good background on all the characters but in this case it seems to work out OK. There is the slight annoyance of the "love him hate him" thread being dragged out over and over again but it is not totally unbearable.

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