The President's Daughter (Donovan Creed)


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Get this book now! The President's Daughter (Donovan Creed)

Author - John Locke
Published - December 21, 2017
Length - 238 pages

When I saw this new release from one of my favorite author, I was both excited and apprehensive.

Reading a John Locke book is kind of like when you were little and you spun around in circles really fast.

You're full of excitement, anticipation, and even a little apprehension. You know there'll be a physical and mental toll from it but the thought of stopping never enters your mind. Starts out with some giggling, then a few laughs slip out, suddenly there's that nausea feeling in the pit of your stomach, and finally, your brain starts asking what the hell is going on as you try to get back to solid ground.

Creed's back. He's going through some personal difficulties making him an easy target. A once trusted contact has a job for him just when he needed it most. He should have known that when it seems to good to be true that it probably is.

The gangs all here in this book, Callie his trusted side-kick, confident and stone cold killer, Danni Ripper, the private eye most famous for escaping after being held prisoner as a youngster, Rose, the mysterious witch, and Hawley, Donovan's daughter who has the unusual ability to make your head explode if you anger her.

It's a roller coaster ride of craziness that is a perfect addition to the series that I've lauded far and wide.

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