The Glow: Book One


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Get this book now! The Glow: Book One

It’s criminal that this book only has 2 reviews so far on the US Kindle site.

This was a great book and probably one of the best I have read in this genre. I would place this is the supernatural, paranormal, YA genres.

I would compare this on the level of the books by P.S. Power. The writing certainly was as good as I have read.

The main characters are teenagers but thankfully the Author does not write down to that level so it is easy to forget that they are young. I find that books written in the YA vernacular are sometimes hard to read but I guess if that is the age group you’re intending to attract then that may help.

I read this book in about a 36 hour time period. I could not put it down. It was really fascinating and I kept wanting to see where the current plot was going and what would happen next.

There was a great blend of scenery and character descriptions that in most cases helped create a good mental image of what the location or character looks like without over doing it.

The characters actions are believable without exaggeration. The bullying and cruelty of the other children and adults was written with accuracy that probably happens in schools and homes around the world. I never said “that would never happen” as some authors make their characters go overboard.

As we find in this book Myths and Fantasy are real so it would have been nice if the author explored some of the other supernatural beings or some more in-depth description of some of their powers but maybe that is all saved for sequels.

If you enjoy this genre then you will enjoy this book so just get it already.

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