The Fixer, Season 2, Episode 1


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Get this book now! The Fixer, Season 2, Episode 1

The first book in the second season of the Fixer Series.

JC, Joan, Duke, and Theo make up the main characters of this series. JC is the lynch pin that both gathered the team and holds them together. Handpicked, for their unique backgrounds and skill sets, together they form the core of a lethal team. The author has written two spin off stories featuring Joan and Duke. Both are great standalone books that newcomers and fans alike will enjoy. They give us the history of the characters and how they came to join JC.

The story opens following the events of the first season. After scattering the team in the face of congressional hearings, JC and the team are back together. A contract with The General has the team flying to Bolivia. The client, The Mexican, a drug lord. Fans will recognize both of these names and wonder WHY, Given that The General betrayed them and the Mexican had JC kidnapped and tortured. It's a question that begs for an answer.

The Mexican and JC have a history. Those days have defined his life and he's worked hard to atone for the blood on his hands. As a fan, and knowing the background, I was set on edge from the beginning and had so many questions running through my mind.

They meet up with The Mexican's new head of security, another American named Del. He's the new JC only he's not and it doesn't take long for a Mexican standoff (pun intended). Guns, hand grenades, knives, it's a memorable first meeting and sets the tone for the rest of the story. JC has no idea why he's there or what they are going to be asked to do. Given the history, the air is thick with aggression and distrust on both sides. The meeting almost literal explodes before it begins.When the team finally finds out why they are there, they have to admit the plan seems to have some logic but they can't help wondering what they're missing and what is in it for The General.

The team splits up, each assigned a different task that together will achieve the goals of The Mexican. The fly in the ointment is that the team’s numbers increase by two. JC and company are saddled with Del and another member of The Mexican's team, Isabella, who is named in this book but we do not get to meet her yet. The tasks are as audacious as they are spectacular and for one team member, reigning in the destruction has no meaning.

This is a short, fast, action packed book that gets your adrenaline pumping but is frustrating because you don't want it to end. Kudos to the author for a great start to a series that has continued to grow in popularity and is a testament to the outstanding talent in indie publishing today. I highly recommend this series and would have no problem recommending it for action and thriller lovers.

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