The Fixer Season 1 Episode 4


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Get this book now! The Fixer Season 1 Episode 4

The story continues.

I really enjoyed this episode. It gets back to the characters I loved from the first episode.

JC's back to giving beatings but also shows that he can take one as well. This episode was more about the story line and less about the characters which was needed as there is only one more episode left.

I read the first three episodes back to back so I had to wait a little while for this one. The problem was that it did cause me to lose the flow of the story and the emotions you build up when reading a book but the episodes are coming out fast so it was not nearly as bad as I had expected. I only needed to go back and read a few paragraphs of episode 3 to get back into it.

If you like a quick read with a great story and at a great price then go get this one. If this is the first book you've looked at then get the first three as well. If you're not a fan of Amazon serials then you only have a short wait because I believe that all the episodes will be combined after the release of the next episode.

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