The Fixer Season 1 Episode 1


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First the good. There are very few characters which I am almost immediately drawn too and want to see where they go in the course of a book or series. Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp are such characters and J.C. COULD be another one of those. I read the first three episodes back to back.

I really like the main character. The story is well written with a dusey of an ending. I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it straight through. As soon as I was done I went to Amazon and bought the next two episodes. These books are short so it wasn't difficult.

The second episode was very confusing. Frankly if the third one wasn't already out I probably would have stopped there. It seemed like the characters were different from the first episode which would be all right except even now after the third episode I could not really tell you why there is so much animosity in the second episode.

The third episode seemed to put the series back on track. Sort of. There's action and the story is advanced but I did not really have a good feel for the characters, who they are or their motivations. Thankfully this one does not end with such a dramatic cliff hanger.

Now for the not so good. I hate short stories! I cannot really get my head around this new line of short stories or series as Amazon calls them. They are cheap which is a plus, however the major flaw is that series are basically a few chapters of a book. Don't get me wrong they get your attention and make you think about what may happen next but there is a huge disadvantage. If I'm honest the only reason I made it past the first episode was because there were already two more published.

With stories written like this the reader is the one that suffers and we as authors sometimes do not take that into account. I tend to read a lot of books and I am not sure what the turn around time is of these episodes but more than a month and I may as well not bother. I will have lost the thread of the story and the connection with the characters. Any anticipation I had for the story line will have long since dissipated so while I may enjoy the story the time frame between episodes is just a chance that I will move onto a full length book. I'm cheap. I buy a lot of books and rarely ever spend more than $4 for a book. Depending on how long the author strings this out it could be considerably more which will be detracting to me and I'm sure others for what could be a fantastic book which would make me a potential lifelong fan.

I can't help think that there are probably thousands like me out there that feel the same but won't leave a message. They just won't buy book causing the author to miss out on all those fans. That all being said it really is a good series so far and I'm not sorry I started it. We will just have to see if I can finish it.

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