Tale Onora Boy Peddler Death


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An epic tale with a fantastic world of magic, Elves, Fairies and oh ya a battle to match.

I'm not much of a fantasy reader although I love watching them. Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, awesome but the book sometimes get complicated to follow.

In this case it was the opposite (although the imagery here would make a great movie or series) I saw the book shout-out on Twitter and decided to look it up. When I did I was intrigued by the cover and book description. Seeing the almost unanimous 5 star reviews made this an easy purchase.

The author clearly has a command of the written word and one of those unending imaginations that makes you jealous. The world described was fascinating. So descriptive that even though it is foreign I had no trouble creating the landscape and scenes in my mind.

Like all great epic tales the characters are going through self-discovery and evolution. We journey with them through hardships, discovery of ever lasting love destine to last even past death. The story of a boy becoming a man and discovering the tale of his father and the life lessons learned through a very unique method of viewing the events that shaped the world he lives and is to rule.

What good is such a tale without an epic battle pitting enemies and family against one another. Throw in some impressive magic and you have my attention and just when you thought fairies were these cute little creature who spread music and happiness you find out it is not wise to try to mess with the fairies. Simply ask Baelwyn about Dani the DeathSmith.

Fans of stories like Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings, and even Harry Potter fans should enjoy the world and cast of characters this author has created.

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