Sweet Blood of Mine: an Urban Fantasy novel of Vampires, Demons, and Shifters (Overworld Chronicles Book 1)


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The first book in the numerous (14 to date) Overworked Chronicles.

A paranormal, sci-fi, YA story centered on a teenage boy named Justin. Justin would kindly be classified as a nerd and unkindly as a complete fat loser.

Justin's character is your typical hormone filled teenager looking for love in all the wrong places. What he lacks in food control he makes up for in conviction and self-control. He's waiting for his true love to be discovered before jumping into the naked pool. Poor Justin seems to find himself in one disaster after another when he unknowingly outs his special abilities trying to do the right thing.

No one's more surprised than Justin at his new abilities. Trying to discover their origin leads him into a world he never knew existed. With his mother and father inexplicably awol, he has to try to figure out what's happening to him and why he's suddenly one of the most hated monsters walking the earth. Everyone knows high school can be a bitch but this takes things to a whole new level.

I enjoyed the book but the time spent walking through the teenage mind and dramatics that might turn off readers that do not enjoy the YA genre. Justin has a lot of internal monologs through the story that at times made reading tedious but giving the genre and storyline, it's not surprising.

There is tremendous potential for the series and we do get a single flash of where the storyline seems to be heading. The future looks interesting for Justin and the motley crew he seems to have banded together.

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