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If you’re a fan of the Stephen Hunter character Bob Lee Swagger then you should really enjoy this book.

The characters are both former Marine Scout Snipers and that is where the similarities end.

I went into this book expecting to love the main character so I tried really hard to get behind him but the fact is that the only honorable character in this story is his wife. These are not nice men.

While I’m totally behind with the morality of hunting down the bad guys in this case I felt like Nick goes over the line in some cases and clearly seems to have some mental issue. At one point you realize that he is just not out for revenge he enjoys the kill.

The bad guys are really bad guys! So I am all for eliminating them from the earth.

You might be questioning why I would like the book so much when all the characters are bad guys. Well that’s the best part. This book made me have debates with myself of where I would draw the line. It was very thought provoking and got my blood pumping in both anticipation and also at the characters actions. There were points where I was talking to the book like the main character could hear me and I could influence him.

I could not put this book down and finished in just two days. I had to force myself to stop reading to get enough sleep for work.

As a reader that is the sign of a good book. You don’t always have to have a hero to really love a book. It reminds me of another book called A Shot Of Tequila where the characters were all bad as well but the book was great. It is all a matter of degrees with who is worse the bad guys or the good guys.

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