Shadow Masters


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This book was at turns confusing and thrilling to read.

When I bought the book I was expecting this intelligent operator (read smart trained killer) who was being pulled home by some unmentioned tragedy that would require both of those talents to survive.

The beginning of the book certain delivered on the intelligence part of my perception. I also started to get a hint that the second part maybe lacking in what my expectations were.

As the story unfolds you get a very good picture of the opposition, the shadow players and what they are about. The brutal means they will go to reach their goals.

Throw in a very smart CSI investigator and you can see a possible road map of events to come.

Unfortunately it seems that most of my assumptions fell a little flat. Don't get me wrong this was an enjoyable read but I think the author missed some opportunities. I expected Lars and Sean to be more of a team and to explore the facts left behind by the very well planned and written crime scenes. There were obvious indicators made by the author either by mistake or on purpose so it was surprising that it seemed like all that gold was just left in the bank and the conclusions were made out of sight of our literary eyes almost like the author realized too late and just told us that they figured things out. I would have liked to have seen the process.

There was also a small annoyance at the beginning of the story where the author uses the mental ramblings of the main character I guess to give insight into the character. This is really just a personal preference but to it does not really advance the story or give any value to the story. I generally skim over those parts when authors use this device.

I also dislike when characters are built in a fashion then the author completely neuters the character with some external mask. In this case we are told how smart Sean is and what a brilliant tactician he is but then when it really counts he is blindly lead around on a leash under the mask of grief.

Given all of this I still enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others especially those who enjoy more of the intelligence part of this genre and less of the body count story lines.

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