Sex, Marry, Kill


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I found this book in one my BookBub mailers and with a name like that I had to give it a try.

It had been a while since I bought the book so I did not remember the premise. If I didn't have to go to work I would have read this book straight through. It is that kind of book. Which any reader knows are few and far between.

The characters of this book are teenagers. Usually that spells trouble as most authors with this character line up are generally very hard to read due to the vernacular and speech patterns they tend to use for this age group. In fairness most of those are geared towards the YA genre where their readers are in the same age range and can relate. Thankfully this book is not in that group.

The first chapters are spent getting to know the main players of the book and I found that I had a really good understanding of them and their motivations which as a writer I can assure you is not always a easy task to do.

To do this book justice I HIGHLY recommend that your read this book at night and in the dark or at least the last third of the book. I had the increased pulse and the small shot of adrenaline which is what makes a good book a great book.

This is not a genre that I typically enjoy but I can without pause recommend this to anyone looking for a enjoyable read. It is not filled with gore or silly ploys to try to scare you. It is just great writing.

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