Satan's Breed


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Paraphrasing because I couldn't find the author's tweet this book was billed as the content of WEB Griffin and the action of Jason Bourne.

Well he wasn't lying. The tension gets ratcheted up before the book even starts. By the end of the prologue my heart was going and I was saying "Here we go".

In this book we find out that those damn Americans are up to no good again! but the Brits don't get off easy either. What's a good spy thriller without the rogue government or government employee.

I love this style of writing where the readers know what's going on and we get to follow the character as they discover the plots instead of convoluted twists and attempts to keep the reader guessing. Maybe I'm just not smart enough to figure them out HA!

This is yet another shining example of self-publishing. This book is as good as any national author I've read and the best part is that with social media you can have a connection with the authors. I have met some great authors and formed connections with them that never would have happened with traditional authors.

There is so much action in this book that you will have a hard time putting it down. I have to say though the character that I loved the most was not the main character but Boris the Russian. He is written so well that I laughed more than a few times through the book.

I had to stop writing my own book because I was too wrapped up in this book. Thriller lovers will really enjoy this book and I recommend it.

If there was any negative at all for me it was the book cover. It seems washed out with the fogged over effect but the content makes that almost irrelevant.

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