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I have a love-hate relationship with author John Locke. I love to see when he releases a new book and I hate when I see he's released a new book.

Confusing I know but only if you've never read one of his books. If you have then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

This book promises the reader a perplexing mystery of violence, infidelity, and some really bizarre situations.

It delivers in true John Locke style. As with all his books, things are not always as they seem. Half of the fun and all of the frustration is exactly what you'd expect with the Locke classic twist at the end.

I was on vacation when I started this book so I had plenty of reading time planned with this just being one of a few books on my list. There were a few times I had to set my Kindel down because I was so mad I was afraid I might throw it off the balcony. That's some good writing, when you have a visceral reaction to the words you're reading then you know the author has talent.

John Locke has a few series with multiple titles in each. I've read them all and although they may not be for everyone, I would recommend you try a few out. You might just find a great new author to follow. Recommended to mystery lovers or anyone looking for something to get your blood pumping.

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