Make it Happen: A Vigilante Series crime thriller


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Get this book now! Make it Happen: A Vigilante Series crime thriller

Author - Claude Bouchard
Published - July 21, 2017
Length - 209 pages

The thirteenth book in the series. There's nothing unlucky about this number thirteen.

The war on terror rages on and this time it's coming home in a very violent and deadly way.

After one of the deadliest attacks on Canadian soil, the Prime Minister is taking the gloves off. Discreet Activities, a secret government black ops-team, has been tasked with finding those responsible and bringing them to justice. Justice wears many faces. This case will be one of the toughest they've faced yet. As talented as they are even they have their limits and aren't afraid to call in outside resources.

Discreet Activities is made up of a group of unique individuals, each with their own set of skills. While the story has evolved over the thirteen books and the cast grown, the core of the series is built around Chris Barry, Dave McCall, and their wives.

Chris Barry started out this series running a security firm specializing in computers. Chris also has a very secret side endeavor. Doling out vigilante justice when others can't or won't. Given his wealth, it affords him cover and assets to be the final Judge, Jury, and Executioner for those evil men and women that prey on the innocent. You'd be forgiven for thinking that Chris would make sure to keep these two sides of his life separate but you would be incorrect. Mrs. Barry is not only in on his secret side life, she supports him. She's no wilting flower and as time goes her role expands along with each new face added to the cast.

Dave McCall is a Luietenant and head of Montreal's Special Homicide Task Force at the start of the series. He calls Chris in on a case unknowingly inviting the fox into the hen house. That first case will change both their lives in ways neither could imagine.

This story brings home the all too real issue in today's world of blended terrorism where we have attacks involving both international and domestic terrorists. A subject both feared and expected in Western civilizations today.

The general storyline and characters are well established in the series so by the time you get to this book you'll have the basic idea. Personally, I think the cast could stand to shrink but that's just my opinion.

The plot is obviously scary and the way Mr. Bouchard lays out the events makes it even worse. The plausibility of the events is sure to make you think. The pictures painted only reinforce the need for us to be aware and vigilant because there are people in this world who believe so strongly that their way is the right one, that they are willing to sacrifice themselves and as many of us as possible. All the books in the series have thought-provoking storylines but this book hits close to home in today's world.

I've been an avid fan of Mr. Bouchards since the day I found his books. He's very active on social media and very engaging to fans. I recommend his books often and think that they're almost required reading for the vigilante genre.

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