Line Of Succession: A Thriller


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What a great unexpected thriller. I bought this book but had not read it for a while and forgot what drew me to it.

This was one of those rare books that I could not put down. I recommend this is any action/thriller readers out there.

The only two criticisms I can give are that there were a few times that a character had important information for another character and they never say anything which seems really odd and the other is that sometimes an author creates an incident so large that when they have to switch between the different fractions and locations the user loses perspective because it can take a chapter or more and inevitably a lot of good story pieces are never followed because the author has to rush to get to the end or the whole book would be about a particular arc in the story. That happens here with the Middle East part of the incident is all but a foot note when in reality could have been one of the best parts but there were so many parts and escalations to the other arc that it was just basically ignored.

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