Levon's Trade, Levon's Night, Levon's Ride


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Get these books now! Levon's Trade, Levon's Night, Levon's Ride

If your any kind of action thriller fan then these 3 books should be in your library.

This review will cover all three of the current books. I read them all in the space of two days, they were that good so, I thought I would combine them.

The series stars with Levon's Trade.

Levon is struggling to leave his previous life behind and be a normal citizen and loving father, something he'd been unable to do during his life in counter-terrorism. There are forces at work, both internal and external, that want to make sure that doesn't happen. They see him as the cause of misery and are willing to use any means to make sure that he can't cause anymore.

Levon is working as a security guard for a construction company. We learn almost from the opening pages that Levon is not a man you want to threaten as a few unfortunate thugs find out the hard way.

Levon is unexpectedly approached to help find a missing girl. It's a life he's left behind and wastes no time making that fact clear but as happens Levon's past comes back to haunt him and he learns that a costly legal battle is coming.

Levon has no options left. To save the single most important thing in his life he will have to revive the skills that made him a legend.

The hunt turns to the drug trade as often happens in cases like this and Levon's not one to back down when he's on the hunt but he may regret the trees he shakes this time, if he lives to have any regrets that is.

I was sucked in and couldn't put this book down. There is plenty of action with some great characters. I'm not sure what more I can say but to say that I bought the next two as soon as I finished this book. I had to know what was going to happen.

The second book in the series is Levon's Night.

Levon's in hiding. Fearing retribution for his actions to find a missing girl he grabbed everything that was important to him and decided to start a new life with a new name and a new job.

It seem that no matter how far or how hard you try to hide bad things seem to find you. This time Levon isn't the target, not at first that is. There is a hunt for a stolen treasure worth millions of dollars and with that kind of money there those out there that will do anything to find it especially when a team of killers is hired to locate the treasure. The horrific means that these animals will go to for information has law enforcement across the globe looking for them.

Each location they've visited is littered with blood and bodies and as they track down one lead after another the body count mounts, women, children, nothing matter except the treasure. Their hunt brings them to Levon's remote hiding spot. The small community is about to be visited by these harbingers of death. They soon realize that their intel failed to alert them to a deadly threat. It's by chance that Levon is missed in the initial assault and while the hunters know he's out there, they have no idea that the man they missed isn't some hick but a force like they've never faced before. Missing Levon and once again putting threatening all that he loves ensures that Levon will hunt the hunters. His goal? Kill them all.

The first book was great. This one was awesome. The brutality of the bad guys had my blood boiling. You can't help being engrossed in the story and urging Levon on. You will want these animals to pay and pay dearly for what they've done.

The third book is a short story and is meant as a filler as we wait for the next full release but that doesn't make it any less of a worthy read.

Levon's on the road again. Looking to put as much distance between himself and the carnage he left behind in the frozen north the last thing he's expecting is car thieves.

They take the wrong car or more importantly they steal a car that has something in it that Levon is not willing to leave behind.

There is a prayer that could be appropriate in this case, "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do." but that would imply mercy but in Levon's world mercy is a rare gift and he's not if the gift giving mood.

What this lacks in length makes up for in full unabashed action and destruction. What irritated me more than anything is that I now have to wait for more.

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