JET: COLD SHADOW (Kindle Worlds)


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The second mash up of the Jet series that I have read.

This book joins Jet from the popular series of the same name and Aidan Snow the main character from Alex Shaw's series.

Jet and Aidan are sent by their governments to Ukraine. Unaware how intertwined their objectives are, each reach a Ukraine still in the midst of a civil war between Ukrainians, rebel separatists, and Russia soldiers. Jet is hunting a traitor and Aidan is trying to save a hostage.

It happens that Jet's target is involved in with Aidan's hostage and as the hunters get closer to their goals their paths unexpectedly cross. Realizing that they have a shared interest in finding their targets, teaming up to become a deadly force the rebels and their not so secret Russian allies are unprepared for. Jet is a deadly Mossad agent and Aidan a equally deadly British operative, prove why these series are so popular as they become an unstoppable force wreaking havoc and leaving behind an ever increasing body count in their quests.

A fantastic short story from Alex Shaw showing his knowledge of a place that he is intimately familiar with. A story line that could be ripped from today’s headlines, Alex gives glimpses of a conflict with a knowledge of the land and people that are unique to this mash up series.

This would be a great primer and introduction to both Alex's writing and series as well as Russel Blake’s Jet series.

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