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Tanner is a man not to be crossed.

A hit man betrayed and set up to be left to die in a Mexican jail is a mistake that those that stand against Tanner might not live to regret.

The very thing that makes someone hire Tanner is the same thing that will bring their destruction.

Much like the Terminator, Tanner accepts a job, he will not be stopped and absolutely will not quit until the contract is completed, even if the employer changes their mind.

The high powered mobster that hired him never thought Tanner would escape Mexico and definitely never believed he'd be stupid enough to try and come after him.

Tanner is a well-developed character and as a action/thriller junkie he is a character that I could read again and again, which is fortunate that this series is already established with multiple books to keep my reading cravings sedated for a while.

I highly recommend this series and have recommended it many time to others that enjoy action/thriller books.

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