Hidden Agenda : A Dan Roy Thriller


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This is the first book in the series.

The story of a war-weary black ops soldier who leaves that life behind in an effort to repair his soul. Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place with plenty of people who'd love nothing better than to watch the world burn.

Mr. Bose created a character in Dan Roy who has spent his entire adult life in combat, first with the army, then later as part of the top secret black ops group named Intercept. That life demanded a total commitment that has taken a heavy toll on his mind, body, and soul. The character was well written and his background promises that when the action comes, he won't hesitate to use all the training and skills he's learned to eliminate the threat.

I expected lots of action from reading the blurb and it does deliver in that aspect. I'm always on the fence about love interests in this type of story. If it's done well it can add to the dynamic of the story but sadly it's usually not done well. While I wouldn't characterize the female characters in this tale as love interests, each does drive the storyline forward. Interestingly enough I was much more interested in the first female character we are introduced to even though her appearance is brief.

I felt like various interactions between Dan and the main female character were odd at times, almost forced because it fit what readers might expect but the short history and the circumstances of their time together didn't fit with their actions at times.

The action scenes were well written and kept me turning the pages. The reader is kept guessing who's behind the attacks and when all is revealed it's not a total shock but Mr. Bose does an excellent job of keeping us guessing.

I thought this was a good start to the series. I did find a few typos but honestly, they were trivial and had no real impact on my feelings about the book. It remains to be seen how Dan Roy will grow through the series and how he is drawn into future situations. Will he be forced back into service with his old unit or will he go along the lines of Lee Child's Jack Reacher and confront evil as he encounters it. I cannot say but with four books already out in the series, you'll just have to keep reading to see. I'd have no problem recommending this book fans of the genre.

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