FireWatch: A Jack Widow Thriller


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Fire Watch

Author - Scott Blade
Published - February 10, 2018
Length - 442 pages

The newest in the series. What can I say? It ticks all the boxes that I love to read. It kept me reading non-stop from start to finish which is not really an easy thing to do. The biggest complaint I had was that it was just not long enough and oh ya, there isn't another book to read after this one yet.

The storyline was really detailed and made me want to go out and try being a fire watch. I think one of the biggest compliments you can give a book is while reading it it's so well written that you feel like you're in the story, you can visualize the surroundings, hear the conversations as if you're with the characters. Those are the great books. The ones that you place on your shelf, digital or otherwise, knowing that you'll revisit the world created by the author again in the future.

I read a lot of books, almost 100 last year and I can tell you that the books that make it to my shelf for the future are rare and even more rare is multiple books from the same author but this is one of those books and one of those authors.

If this is the first book from the author that you're looking at then jump to the beginning of the series. you won't be sorry, well except for the lighter wallet since you'll be buying a few books.

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