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One of the things I love about self publishing is that I get to read books that I have not been exposed to before such as spy and thrillers with characters from other countries.

It was really interesting to get a different perspective of the US government and agencies but was really interesting was learning the make up and relationship to EU governments and intelligence agencies.

There are some really good location and scene descriptions without mind numbing and eye straining details.

The plot is basically spelled out which I really appreciate when an author doesn't try to be sneaky and hide or convolute the plot. That works in a police thriller or straight mysteries but it is a talented author that can tell you the plot then lead you through the process of the characters reaching the conclusions.

If I had any critiques I would say that since this is the second book in a series I was surprised that the main character Aidan seemed more like a buddy character instead of the leading man. I really connected with Paddy Fox and thought he was the leading man. This could be because I never read the first book to get a connection with Aidan but I feel like the leading man should be front and center in all books. It's ok to have a strong second character but make sure I know that the leading man is the show stealer.

The other critique would be when a lot of primary characters are in a story it gets very confusing especially when they are names that for me as a US reader am not familiar with especially the Russian and Ukrainian names so it a little confusing trying to remember who is with what country.

Neither of these thing really impacted my enjoyment of the book as I generally skim over the name of people or locations that trip me up anyways LOL. If you are a spy thriller fan then this is a good book to add to your bookshelf.

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