Buried in Black (A Task Force Orange Novel Book 1)


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Get this book now! Buried in Black (A Task Force Orange Novel Book 1)

Author - J.T. Patten
Published - November 20, 2018
Length - 378 pages

This book wouldn't be out of place in a Shakespearian tragedy if that tragedy included drone strikes, automatic weapons, an FBI bulldog, and the Terminator disguised as a special ops soldier. Drake can't be reasoned with, he can't be bargained with, he doesn't feel fear, and he absolutely will not stop.

There's family that doesn't have your best interest in mind and family that will literally kill for you. There are people called family that can turn on you and people called strangers that become more than family.

Drake suffers an unbelievable tragedy, thank God, his brother wasn't around. Put a pin in that as it's an important part of the story. Years later he suffers a betrayal that sets him on another path no less important but causes major internal struggles because it's not the path he wants to follow.

When a book manages to make you so angry that you have to stop reading before you do something drastic like throwing your Kindle across the room or has you talking to the book, making you thankful that no one can see you acting like a loon then, you know you've found something wonderful.

I've been waiting for a new book from the author but what I didn't expect was a new series or a new cast of characters. Don't worry, Sean and Lars are heavily featured in this book so fans won't be upset that this isn't the next Safe Havens book.

There are books you read that just ring true like the author knows the subject they're writing about but there's another level to his books and reading his bio, he's lived it.

There's no shortage of action in this book and to prove that point you can't even get through the prelude before you learn some very important information about Drake. You learn what makes him unique, what drives him, and the events that will forever change and shape his life. As a human, it's a difficult part to read but as a fan, you know you're in for a ride.

Get this book now! Buried in Black (A Task Force Orange Novel Book 1)