Afghan Storm (Nick Woods Book 3)


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Get this book now! Afghan Storm (Nick Woods Book 3)

Nick and S3 (Shield, Safeguard, and Shelter) are back in action.

Just six months after their Mexican operation, the team’s been deployed to the sandbox. The objective: Locate and eliminate a Taliban elder whose power and influence has grown to a level that the US predicts will topple the new Afghan government. The Taliban has learned to fear the US and the silent death from Drones so, they’ve relocated their base of operations to the no-man's land of Pakistan. A location so remote and wild that the Pakistani military won't even go there.

Nick and three of his most trusted team members are going in on foot with only the gear they can carry, no identifiable markings, and no support.

As you can guess, their task will not be easy, even for a formidable team like S3. The action in this book comes at you often and fierce as the team tries to locate the communications headquarters hidden in the treacherous mountains. The data dump could be a veritable treasure trove of information on, not just the Taliban but the elusive leader that Nick, S3, and the US is desperate to locate before they can launch their plans to topple the Afghan government.

War is hell and blood will be spilled. The battles will stretch from the mountains of Pakistan to the Presidential Palace in Afghanistan. When China and Iran enter the picture the US finds that a President and government that they've given millions to can switch loyalty just like the tribal people that inhabit the land.

A masterful Taliban strike brings in the US air power. A traitor in the Afghan military will ensure that the US force left in the country will be removed as a threat to the coming attack.

An almost insurmountable fight leaves S3 abandoned and when orders are given to stand down and return to base Nick will have to decide what's more important, going to jail for disobeying an order, or finishing a fight that has cost unimaginable losses.

It's been said that this is the author's best work to date. Having purchased all his previous books I can say with authority that it is true. The thrill and action factor are high and fans of the series will know the cost of war by the end of the book.

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